At our place, this is how we do it: the dough is made with biological stone-ground flour and left to rise for more than 72 hours. Choose your favorite, roman thin and crispy style or soft with a “fat edge” Naples style.

The island is made up of two ovens, a wooden grill, showcases with our seasonal products and pastries. It is surrounded by tables so that you can watch our pizza-makers in action.

Besides pizza, there is plenty of fried food, meat, grilled vegetables, delicatessens and sweets made in our workshop. Our secret is: a careful selection of the raw-materials, choosing preferably seasonal products and  applying good cooking methods

Different kind of pizza: white, with tomato, classic and special, focacce and panuozzi.

In the Pizzeria area you can also enjoy fried, salads, burgers and grilled meat. A unique place for a rich and high quality offert