Here is where we have decided to let you taste our local recipes, favouring Mediterranean products and always up-dating ourselves with new cooking techniques. Our supplies never travel very far and we love to check each piece one by one before letting them reach our pots and pans. Are you a big eater or just curious? In the trattoria however hungry you may be, a lot, normal or just a little, your desire will be satisfied. We have normal and half portions all prepared with great passion.

Meat Swords

The trattoria’s menu has been enriched with the meat swords; skewers of mixed meats, cooked on the grill and served with our special sauces. They are eight types of swords, composed of different recipes and various cuts of meat.
Skewers of meat for all tastes. From the Apulian Bombette to the Sirloin of American Black Angus. For the sweet tooth: pork meatballs with broccoli and smoked provola …


In the kitchen the chef directs the team that prepares the dishes for the Trattoria. Flavors that revolve around the most family tradition, the recipes of our grandmothers, made with care.